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Do you want to leave a legacy for future generations and strive to do your bit to advance the green energy transition? Do you want to push boundaries and help develop new concepts for efficiency along the way? 

At Naver Energy, we always look for young professionals and highly skilled offshore wind experts of all ages, genders and backgrounds. We plan to grow the company to 100+ people within the next years.


Not just corporate talk. Our core values actually guide our behaviour.



We work together as a team inside Naver Energy and with clients.


We create and deliver value in an efficient way that generates profit and saves time/money for our clients.


We show up when expected and deliver what we promise, on time.


At Naver Energy we treat others with respect, the way you should want to be treated.


How our team works

With scoped services and fixed prices as our preferred customer offerings, we shift the focus away from billing degrees and instead empower our employees to find ways to create value for our clients and exceed expectations.  

We don’t believe in competition clauses as a default. Instead, we want to be the preferred place to work for both motivated young professionals and highly skilled offshore wind experts of all ages, genders and backgrounds.  

And we don’t care where you work as we don’t have a big HQ.

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Hiring Process

Our team consists of members ranging from apprentices fresh out of education, all the way up to seasoned offshore wind professionals with decades of experience under their belts.

If you share the same core values as we do, matched with passion and a can-do attitude to face any challenge sent your way, we can find a role that suits you when the time is right.

Explore the stages of our hiring process and learn more about what to expect.  
Check out the main steps that take you from finding the right role, through the application process and what to expect when you join the team. 

Hear from our employees

Find out more about who we are and why you should come to work with us.
Step into the shoes of our team members and hear their stories.