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Foundation Specialist Azadeh Attari

Azadeh Attari
Senior foundation & subsea specialist

Working in wind since 2013. 

Foundation for leadership

Why are you a part of Naver Energy?

"Considering the outlook for offshore wind capacity over the next few years, and the abundance of experience in Naver Energy, there will be a high and steady demand for our services in the coming years. Therefore, I expect a significant potential for success and growth, and I would like to be a part of this success story."

"I am looking forward to gaining more experience in foundation design management and developing my leadership skills."


Naver Energy staff (6)-1

Gustav Kold Kroustrup
Project Manager

Wind nerd since 2018.

Mission: master of origination

What is the most rewarding in your work?

"I am ambitious and want to master origination and development within renewables. For me to grow and broaden my horizon, I had to join a company with the sharpest individuals within offshore wind. Naver Energy is still developing its culture as more people join, and for me, this was the perfect time to enter. I thrive in this environment because it allows me to take part in many different areas of the business. I find the process of starting, changing, and growing Naver Energy fun and very challenging!"

"In good faith, I would investigate the possibility of moving abroad with my family to work on long-term assignments outside of Denmark. This is possible within Naver Energy and Venterra Group setup."


Kooroush Sadeghi-Hassanvand

Kooroush Sadeghi-Hassanvand 
Senior Specialist, Electrical Systems

Working with wind since 2003.

Be open-minded and learn

What is your best advice to future colleagues?

"I’m expecting that together with my colleagues, we will expand our area of experience and execute some of the most successful offshore wind projects for our clients. A good consultant must understand clients' essential needs and find the best solution." 

"If you consider joining, be open-minded and expect to learn from a combination of juniors and experienced seniors and you will grow as a professional." 

shane McAlvanna-1-1

Shane McElvanna
Financial controller

New in wind, 18 years in Finance.

Double up on importance

Why are you a part of Naver Energy?

"I want to be a part of a team working in an industry striving for some very important goals with opportunities to create a better future for the planet and future generations. Also being part of a start up gives extra meaning and importance to the work that we do, having an impact and establishing a foundation to grow a successful business. By giving respect you will earn the respect of your colleagues and help make Naver Energy a great place to work."


Naver Energy staff (37)

Jane Nørgaard Iversen
HR Business Partner

Wind fan since 2022.


How is it to be new in wind?

“We don’t have any “we used to this-attitude". Instead, we all have a mindset that is about getting the job done in the best way possible. I believe this “can-do-will-do”-approach will give my colleagues and me the best opportunities to keep on developing both our technical and personal skills.

With a background outside the industry, I have a lot to learn. Luckily, my colleagues always take the time to help me out with any questions I might have, which makes it possible for me to keep on feeling I am contributing to our overall vision and be the preferred development partner for the green transmission.“

Niels Christian Kokkenborg

Niels Christian Kokkenborg
Director, Transport & Installation

Working in wind since 2013. Master of the Sea for 30+ years. 

building for next generation

Why did you join naver energy?

"I joined Naver Energy because I found it adventurous to jump on board a new vessel with limited crew and no sails. I have worked in established and large companies for many years but often seen that simple tasks have morphed into complex administrative burdens which creates frustration rather than quality."

In Naver Energy, I would like to build up a department based on trust, experience, curiosity, and the ability to focus on things that matter and shape the next generation of offshore wind experts.".

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